Hi! I'm Amanda.

I live in Lebanon, OR and love this little farm town! 
My journey with photography started in high school. When I discovered how fun it was to create art and capture the world around me. It was not until I got my first digital camera for graduation, that photography really became my passion. I was eventually photographing everything and everyone around me. I was hooked. I quickly learned that the art of photography is a very intricate and specific science. It takes a lot of patience to learn. Though I am self taught, I continue to learn, grow and practice constantly. There is ALWAYS something to improve on and new things to learn. 

In another life, I would have probably been a Midwife or something of the sort. I love babies and learning about birth, breastfeeding etc. Luckily, this career allows me to be a part of many birth stories and snuggle lots of sweet squishy babies! 

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, being outdoors and going to estate sale & thrift shops.

Though Professional Photography is my "job", I don't consider it work. It's something I love doing and I put my heart and soul in to creating timeless and emotional art. 


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